Almost every success story of entrepreneurs and businessmen traces back from their humble beginning. Their story starts with them starting their business in mere dormitory rooms and garages. But a lot of them became successful despite starting small is their ability to innovate and think outside the box. One of those success stories from scratch comes from this man behind the success of Startup Haven.
Meet Bob Crimmins.

Bob’s humble beginnings

Bob Crimmins started to have a knowledge in business when he started to sell lollipops sourced from a neighborhood 7-Eleven. He will then sell these lollipops to his classmate at a higher price, giving him the knowledge on how to do demand-based pricing. He also worked for their family-run businesses and sold custom glasswork from one home to another. 

How he entered the world of technology

He started to have some interest in becoming a tech entrepreneur when he was 15 years old. In 1978, he wrote his very first program on punch cards. It was a risk in his social life as it was a “cool or nerd” scenario at that time. He started his very first tech startup company by 1999. It was then followed by four more startups.

In 2006, he started a poker game for his friends who also belong in the startup industry. What started as a simple game of poker is now known as Startup Haven. It is a community for tech businessmen that has now a total of 2,300 members across chapters in six cities. 

The future for Startup Haven

Now that Startup Haven is indeed a “haven” for tech-preneurs, Crimmins has now devoted all his time to the organization. This is for the organization to expand to more cities. Included in his plans is bringing Startup Haven to three more cities in 2019 and ten more in 2020.