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How to check how much traffic a website gets?

Check Website Traffic

The number of users engaged on a website at a particular time is called Website Traffic. A website’s traffic is generally measured in session, which is the engagement time and the user’s number of visits. Getting to know about the traffic can be very significant because it gives us insightful information about the public’s interests, trendy stuff, and other details.

There are many ways and tools (paid and unpaid) to get a website’s traffic information.

The most common of which are given below.

Identifying Website Traffic by manually Researching

The first step to identify competitor’s websites is by doing a Google search. Your competitors must be following the same niche, so identify the key ranking points which caused the competitor’s website to appear on the top page. After this step, research about the competitor on top-rated social media pages. Finally, search for the keywords, trending stuff, and relevant industry information.

Identifying Website Traffic using Free Tools

Converting your website’s traffic to potential consumers is the most crucial step. For that purpose, you will need the numbers. You can use different free tools such as SimilarWeb, Google Alerts, Moz, Google Keyword Planner, etc. to identify the competitor’s website’s traffic. Although they will not give you the exact and accurate traffic count, they will help you get a clear idea of how a website is doing traffic-wise. It is better that you use multiple free tools to get your estimation correct.

Identifying Website Traffic Paid Tools

The benefit of using Paid Tools over unpaid is the preciseness and accuracy of data. You also have access to all the tool features, so there will be no restriction in this case. Some popular paid traffic identifying tools are Alexa, Ahrefs, Buzzsumo, and SEMrush.

If you are working in the online business, it will be beneficial for you to check website traffic. It will improve your learning of the competitor and will also help you analyze your business in a better manner.