How to Enable and Disable Location Sharing in Android

The location feature in Android helps you find out the exact coordinates of a person. The idea itself is pretty impressive; however, the way people use it matters the most. Thus, identifying the geographical location of a person can be both advantageous and disadvantageous. During navigation, you can use a person’s location to find out your exact route and endpoint. Similarly, if you have lost your phone, you can track it using the device’s location. Contrary to the complimentary use, it can also be used to spy and violate a person’s privacy. To keep the control in your hand, you can enable and disable Android’s location-sharing option.

Using Google Maps for Location Sharing

To share your location with other people, you can use Google Maps. Open your Google Maps app on the Android device and select your profile photo in the top right corner. After this, select the Location Sharing option from a list of options and select a new share. Initially, it will display a list of favorite contacts to which you can share your location. If you want to restrict your location to some people and not all your contact list that use Google Maps, you can select them by merely selecting the more option and them selecting from the contacts option.

Remember that only you have control over your location. You can turn it on and off according to your choice. By default, your location will be shared for one hour; however, it can change according to your choice.

To stop sharing your location to a specific person, go to the location sharing page, tap on the person’s name, and select the stop option. Location sharing after the first use becomes very easy. All your favorite contacts appear at the bottom each time, so you do not have to add them again.