If you are getting a new Samsung or Google Pixel and want to get rid of your old Android Phone, you’ll probably need to clean your old device’s storage. Selling it as a second-hand device on eBay or some other online marketplace is pretty easy; however, you’ll need to transfer all the data in your new phone. It is achievable, but sometimes a specific mistake can lead to data loss. To avoid complications, wipe out the data using the following detailed guide.

Cleaning your Android Device

The steps to clean data in all the Android devices are pretty much the same. They follow the same method. In some devices, the options may be placed somewhere else; however, the basic working is the same.

To start the wiping process, make sure that all of the old phone’s data is backed up and transferred to the new phone.

Backup your contacts using Gmail, store your pictures and videos in Google Drive and transfer other things manually using a computer.

After backing up, go to your device’s settings, select System, and select an advanced option. Finally, select the reset menu, which will display three additional options.

You will see three reset options named as:

  1. Reset Wi-Fi, Mobile, and Bluetooth
  2. Reset App Preferences
  3. Erase All Data (Factory Settings)

Select the first option if you face any issue with the internet connection, and select the second option to remove all the account details and app data. If you select the “Erase all Data” options, you’ll get a warning message saying that all your accounts and app data will be deleted. To delete all, select the “Reset Phone” option. After selecting this, a PIN or password will be demanded, and the surety message will again appear. Select the “Erase Everything” to clean everything from your phone finally.

You should always remove the password, PIN, and other security details before resetting it.

Also, if you are using a Samsung phone, you’ll be asked for the password of Samsung Account at the time of reset. Make sure that you remember these things before proceeding.