Want to have a Friday night dance party? Make sure that you know how to use Apple Music on Apple TV. It’s going to be a lame party with no tunes. Take note of these tips on how to use Apple Music on Apple TV.

Apple TV’s Latest Offer

Apple Music is a subscription-based music streaming service. It holds over 30 million songs. Users are able to access music, popular radio stations, music recommendations, and more.

Set up a Home Sharing Feature

First, you need to set up a home sharing feature if you want to share music on an Apple TV.

  • Using a Mac

Launch iTunes, and then go to file-sharing once you put your Apple ID in.

  • IOS Devices

Sign in with your Apple ID and password and go to Settings/Music

  • Apple TV

Open your settings and accounts. That will take you to home-sharing. And then all you have to do is add your Apple ID. And then your account is up.

How Do I Use Apple Music with Apple TV

You’ll have to study up on some instructions, but it is not that hard.

  1. Subscribe to Apple Music
  2. Log into your Apple TV. Use the same Apple ID in which you used for your Apple Music account
  3. After you go to Settings > Accounts, enable the service on your Apple TV
  4. Once you look up music in the settings, now you can turn on iCloud Music Library. Now you have access to all your music selections

Music Sections on Apple TV

There are six sections in an Apple TV music service. Each option has a contrasting music recommendation or playlist. Whatever you choose, it will play the music that you like.

  • Library
  • For You
  • Browse
  • Radio
  • Search
  • Now Playing