As far as the war of the best host operating system goes for most people, the war is largely fought between the titans that is Linux and Windows. For the purpose of clarity and posterity, it bears mentioning that this isn’t something that started overnight but has been around for a very long time.

If you’re new to the computer space and you’re not quite sure which way to swing, first, you would do well to remember that here at least, you are far from alone. The decision can be a big one to make on a lot of fronts, especially when you’re not even sure what it is that you’re looking for. So as to offer you some resources that will prove useful for you in your decision making process, we will be extensively weighing all that these two systems have to offer you and which is the better option buy all standards.

In Terms of Ownership Costs

In this regard, Linux wins on all grounds. Whether you’re looking at things from the cost aspect or the ease of affordability, the end result will always remain the same. Linux is completely while the same cannot be said of Windows.

The cost of owning and operating Windows becomes even higher when you’re using it in your business as you would very likely be charge per the number of users that you put on the resource. Again, Linux is totally free.

In Terms of Ease of Operation

For a completely new beginner, you cannot do better than Linux as the interface is set up to easily accommodate and properly guide you through its usage.

In Terms of Safety and Security

Anyone familiar with Windows will have you know that there is always a real risk of a security breach as the system is highly susceptible to things like malware. On the other hand, Linux is far more resistant.